We are pleased to introduce ourselves as “Green Power Transformer Company ”, manufacturer & assembler of the most advanced and reliable power & digital electronic products. Our Engineers are vast experienced and overseas trained in the field of manufacturing and assembling of electrical and electronic products. We hope that design expertise with a commitment to quality manufacturing. At present we are manufacturing & marketing:
✅ Power Transformer.
✅ Distribution Transformer (Oil & Dry type).
✅ H.T. & L.T. Switchgear, PFI Plant, H.T Metering unit & CT, PT.
✅ Package type Sub-station.
✅Bus bar Trunking System (BBT).
✅ Motor Speed Controller, MCB, MCCB, ACB, MC, LBS, VCB & IDMT Relay.
✅ Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (Dry & Oil Type).
✅ Uninterruptible Power System (UPS): Off-Line & On-Line.
✅ Instant Power Supply (IPS) (For Domestic & Industrial Application).
✅ Battery, Battery Charger, Inverter & Converter.
✅ Generator (Diesel & Gas).
✅ Solar Power (Solar Home System & On Load Grid System).
✅ Air Conditioner, Free Cooling Unit (FCU) or DC Ventilation for BTS Room